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Masonry & Patios

Our project scope includes stone walkways, paved patios, stone walls, concrete sidewalks and steps, and the list goes on and on. Refinishing or adding a new walkway, wall, steps, or patio can add value to the exterior of your home or it can fix safety issues that you may have from wear and tear.


Some materials break down over time due to weather or the shifting of your home. Retaining walls play a significant role in the safety of your home and foundation but can also be a wonderful addition to the aesthetic of your curb appeal. We work with plenty of materials such as brick, concrete, pavers, slate, flagstone, cobblestone, rock, and many more.


Possibilities are endless when it comes to design ideas for your outdoor masonry needs. A simple design can be turned into the perfect plan for a landscaper's dream. Think of a boring straight concrete walkway from your front door being transformed into a winding paved oasis w  ith a circle design leading to not only your sidewalk, but also directly to your driveway.  

We will happily work with you to bring those dreams to reality.

Some of our specialized services include: Kitchen Countertop Installation, Granite & Marble, Custom Cabinets, Design Services, Paint & Molding, Resurfacing Flooring.

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